Samsung Cloud to OneDrive Migration Explained


  1. Stephen Butt

    What happens if I already subscribe to one drive?

    1. Raza Ali Kazmi Post author


      You can easily go ahead with migrating your data from Samsung Cloud to OneDrive. When the data transfer has been done, simply load up your OneDrive in Cloud Duplicate Finder and perform a scan and delete job for all duplicates. This will ensure you have got all your Samsung Cloud data (minus the duplicates) at a single place.

      We also offer complimentary Remote Technical Assistance to all our Premium customers, so be assured of a dedicated agent at your disposal to help address any issues you face during a scan.


  2. Susan Lampo

    This article was a year and a half ago. Does it still hold true? I should go ahead and agree to transfer to One drive?

  3. Raza Ali Kazmi Post author


    Yes that is the only way forward for you to access all your data from the cloud in a secure environment.

    If you have more questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d be honored to asssist.


  4. Animesh Kumar

    In this article we do get to know the plans for Microsoft.
    But the most important question why Samsung is ending there cloud services ?

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