Find Visually Similar (Not 100% Exact) Photos

in Google Drive and OneDrive Using Cloud Duplicate Finder’s Groundbreaking Similar Photo Scan feature

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The Photo Similarity Scan for OneDrive and Google Drive hunts for the pictures which are lookalikes, moderately similar, or somewhat similar. Based on the various scan settings, the web-service’s algorithm will come up with the same images which can be reviewed and then deleted/ moved to save space, organize photos collection, and enhance your photo-viewing experience.

Like the duplicate file finder feature for Google Drive and OneDrive, the Similar Photo Scan feature uses the official Cloud APIs. Your data integrity is not compromised at any stage. The online duplicate photo finder gets limited access to your cloud data and can never store your private information on its servers.

Scan Levels

There are three Matching Levels in the web-app: Hard, Medium and Low. These levels help you fetch similar cloud-images, while giving you full control on your data. Be advised, the Similar Photo Finder for cloud will not delete photos without your consent.It will show you the results and allow you to select dupes before actually deleting or moving them to a new folder in either OneDrive or Google Drive. Here is the description of the Similarity Scan settings offered by the Cloud Duplicate Finder (CDF) SaaS:


Low (>50% Similarity)

This level finds cloud duplicate photos when the photos similarity is above 50%. The Low level is a broad-search function. There may be a lot of pictures identified as similar. The algorithm may come up with findings which need a human-analysis. It is recommended you review the results before taking any action.


Medium (>70% Similarity)

The Medium level finds duplicates when the photos similarity is above 70%. It will find a good number of duplicates. This scan-setting is ideal for most people. You can scan your entire Drive or select custom folders in Google Drive or OneDrive and see how the Similar Photo Finder (inside CDF) works on your photos.


Hard (>90% Similarity)

This level finds duplicates when the photos similarity is above 90%. It may find a small number of duplicates. Why? It is because the cloud-app’s algorithm will make sure that pictures have a very similar appearance. For instance, if there are 10 pictures of ‘you’ in different poses, it will identify the images as almost identical.

Start Your First Scan

The process to start your first scan for the visually similar duplicate images in Google Drive or OneDrive is very easy. Here is how it works:

  • 1. Choose the Cloud Drive you wish to scan.
  • 2. Add the Drive to the Cloud Duplicate Finder (Microsoft or Google will take your permission before allowing CDF to access your data).
  • 3. After adding the cloud drive, you can select the entire drive or a few folders to start searching for duplicate images.
  • 4. Select a scan type: Similar Match & Exact Match.
  • 5. Select Scan Level: Hard, Medium, or Low (for Similar Match only).
  • 6. Click the Scan button.
  • 7. Preview results in the form of groups having similar photos.
  • 8. Click on the Select Duplicates button to set parameters for photos selection.
  • 9. Now click on the Select Action button to either delete or move the same pictures to a new folder on your OneDrive or Google Drive home location.

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