Best Practices for Cloud to Cloud Migration


  1. JC

    Raza – I’m hoping you can help clarify something… Migrating data from Google Drive to OneDrive and have used MultCloud…very easy. I have tools to de-duplicate files that are local but not all cloud data is local. Cloudduplicatefinder sounds very promising… Question: Will the service only search for duplicates within a cloud service? OR Will the service perform a deduplication between OneDrive AND Google Drive? I am hoping I can de-duplicate PRIOR to using Multcloud. Thank you for you blog posts.

    1. Raza Ali Kazmi Post author

      Cloud Duplicate Finder currently supports scanning only a single cloud account type at the moment. But this feature of cross-platform scan is already in our plans and will be rolled out soon.

      Out software app Clone Files Checker ( might be able to help you out if you can sync all the data to your computer. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more assistance.

      We also offer complimentary Remote Technical Assistance to all our Premium customers, so be assured of a dedicated agent at your disposal to help address any issues you face during a scan.

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