OneDrive Duplicate File Finder, OneDrive Duplicate Photos Fix 100% Online

OneDrive Duplicate Finder: An Online Cloud-Service to Delete OneDrive Duplicate Files, Photos, Songs & Documents Synced to Your PC, MacOS, Tablets and Android/iPhones

Microsoft OneDrive can synchronize your data across multiple devices, such as the computer, mobiles and the tablet. It provides an extra benefit to you to collaborate and share information with ease. The seamless collaboration feature makes it easier for you to work with co-workers in real-time while keeping your data secured and recoverable. And even better, you get access to the most recent version of your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, notes, databases, and other critical information regardless of where you are and what type of device you use.

There’s no more concern of running out of low storage space as in the case of traditional hard drives, external hard drives, and compact discs. You always have an option to upgrade your plan to extend the space at minimal price.

Cloud Technology Has Become an Essential Part of Our Digital Lives

Cloud-based services make it possible to store user data on the remote servers. Because the entire data is accessible over the web with an active Internet connection, cloud computing does not require the user to be physically close to the hardware. It carries a significant benefit: Factors such as the operating system installed on the user‘s device and the hardware requirements are mostly irrelevant. It becomes irrelevant if you’re using a Windows 10, MacOS Macintosh or any other operating system, or synchronizing data through your iPad tablet, an iPhone or an Android device.

Techno-giant Microsoft offers an entire cloud-based Office Online suite that you can access through a web browser without installing software. The widely popular subscription-based Microsoft Office 365 Suite offers a whopping 1TB of OneDrive storage space.

So what does this mean to businesses and enterprises? Cloud services have cost-saving options for both. They are economical and do not require businesses and enterprises to incur the upfront cost for setting up their IT infrastructure.

The Problem of OneDrive Duplicate Files

When it comes to cloud syncing, it carries the risk of duplication of information. Think about that you have hundreds of thousands of files scattered across different devices such as a laptop, tablet, and mobile. OneDrive synchronizes these files together in real-time. There’s a good chance you accumulate duplicates as OneDrive uploads them all regardless of identical versions on each device. Over time you run out of low cloud storage space, have to pay more, and upgrade your storage plan.

Isn't it scary? It is, but don't worry. There are ways to dedupe your OneDrive cloud storage account completely online without any risk involved.

Keep OneDrive Organized & Fix OneDrive Duplicate Files Securely

Have you ever looked at how many identical files you have on your OneDrive account? Especially if you have tens of GBs of duplicates accumulated over the years, it is nearly impossible to check the contents of each file and delete them accordingly. Luckily, the web-based app Cloud Duplicate Finder offers the technology to scan your OneDrive account automatically for dupes and take instant action.

Neither does the app ask you for a password nor it stores your data on their servers. All it requires is the permission from Microsoft OneDrive to manage and access files on your behalf. You may revoke this permission at any point in time.

Now, we’ll see how to free-up OneDrive storage by deleting duplicate files securely.

Step # 1 Register On

Open your web browser and navigate to

Click on Create an Account.

Type your first, last name and email id.

Agree to the terms, and click Proceed.

The website will send a verification email to your account.

Go to your Inbox and click the verification link to activate your account instantly.

Step # 2 Link Your OneDrive Account

At this point, you’ll want to integrate your OneDrive account with the Cloud Duplicate Finder.

Move to the OneDrive tab and click on Add New Drive.

Microsoft will prompt you to confirm access permissions to Cloud Duplicate Finder.

Go ahead, and click Yes.

Step # 3 Choose Folders To Scan

You’ll now see the list of all OneDrive folders in the left panel of your screen.

Select the topmost folder if you wish to scan the root directory, including all sub-folders.

You may check up individual folders as well.

Step # 4 Choose File Types To Scan

Use the Custom Files to be specific of what you want to find. For example documents, archives, music, videos, and images.

Step # 5 Start the Scan

Click Scan and take a cup of coffee.

You’ll want to wait for some time until the scan finishes. Do not close or refresh the browser window.

Step # 6 Take Action On Duplicates

You’re almost there, the Scan Result is on your screen.

Click OK to view a detailed analysis.

Click Select Duplicates, and choose whether you want to keep the newest or oldest versions of the files.

Accordingly, click Select Action, and choose Move to Recycle Bin if you wish to move dupes to the Trash.

Select Move to Folder if you want to move them to a separate folder to review later.